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How to Maintain Your Wooden Floors

Wooden floors are certainly a way to add a wow factor to you home - if they are done right and kept in a great condition. Wooden Flooring Cheshire has a selection of different Oak floors to suit everyone's taste, from the simple pre-finished Oak board to more extravagant patterned Oak boards. 

Lots of things can create new problems when it comes to keeping your wooden floors in top condition. Different weather can lead to bringing different things into the house on your shoes; snow, salt, rain, dirt, and leaves. You should listen to this advice if you want your property to look fantastic for years to come. 

Clean up any spillages straight away.

You must use a dry cloth or slightly damp if necessary to clean up any spillages as soon as possible. It’s best to avoid using steam cleaners or wet mops as these can cause more damage to the flooring over time. 

Wood swells and shrinks when exposed to water, even if it's just in the air - so if you can, keep the humidity levels down. This will help avoid splitting, cupping, and gapping from occurring in the wood. 

Make sure you ban wet shoes in the house too!

Put pads under your furniture. 

It’s very difficult to sort out any scratches on wooden floors. Whilst some are unavoidable, there are measures you can put in place to avoid more. 

One of the easiest and the best ways to stop more scratches, is to put furniture pads on the bottom of the legs of your furniture. These can be used on anything that might scuff the floor; tables, sofas, armchairs, chests etc. 

Sweep up dust daily. 

Daily might sound a bit excessive, but it's a good recommendation! Regardless of whether you're a no-shoe house or not, dust collects everywhere. This can then settle in the grain of the wood, or between the boards.

If you have a pet, then this is even more important - it helps with hygiene in the house too!

Vacuum the floor every week. 

As tasking as this one may sound, vacuuming your floor weekly is not just vital to keeping your home clean, but also makes sure that any crumbs and dirt that have fallen don’t end up scratching your floors. 

Recoat the wood every 3 to 6 years. 

After a few years, your wooden floor can start to look slightly dull - but this is easily sorted. All that needs to be done, is have a new floor finish applied. 

How often you’ll have to do this will depend on your family's lifestyle. If there is a lot going on in the house, big dogs or children running around with toys, you might have to recoat the floor more often.

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