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IMAGE How to Maintain Your Wooden Floors
Wooden floors are certainly a way to add a wow factor to you home - if they are done right and kept in a great condition. Wooden Flooring Cheshire has a selection of different Oak floors to suit everyone's taste, from the simple pre-finished Oak board to more extravagant patterned Oak boards. 
Lots of things can create new problems when it comes to keeping your wooden floors in top con...
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IMAGE How to Make Easy Home Security Improvements
Your home should be a safe haven, somewhere that you feel happy, secure and safe - and keeping that haven protected doesn’t have to be hard. With a few simple steps you can make a lot of difference to your peace of mind; the simple installation of alarms Conwy can have a huge impact! Here are some easy home security improvements you can make to improve the security of your home. 
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IMAGE How Can Interior Design Affect Your Mood?
The areas or places we inhabit on a regular basis, this could be our homes or places of work - can have a very strong effect on our mood, feelings, thoughts and even on our behaviour. This is a concept that is well documented by psychologists and architects alike - certain architectural designs seem to bring out alertness and can help to maintain higher thought. Studies have shown that large rooms...
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IMAGE Top Reasons to Buy New Build
Whether you’re looking at taking your first steps on the property ladder or moving to your next party, or even splashing out on a home for your retirement, new build homes are making more and more sense – especially in the beautiful scenery of North Wales. For many people, a home by the sea is the perfect idea – allowing them to live life at its most beautiful, surrounded by the ...
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IMAGE Mercury Commercial Catering Engineers
Mercury CE are a commercial catering equipment suppliers Chester team which provide the best equipment from leading manufacturers including the likes of Sammic, Blue Seal, and Retigo.
The company is based on the North Wales coast, but deliver a great service to a customer base which covers North Wales, Chester and Chester, Manchester, Liverpool and even Yorkshire.  
Mercury stan...
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IMAGE Varying the Style of Architectural Design in Chester
In the modern day and age, people and companies, including Architect Cheshire, are playing more and more with the idea of ‘green’. Not the colour of course but the idea of an eco-friendly way of life. So something which has come to the forefront in just the last couple of years is the idea of ‘green buildings’.  Green building issues are in the mind of every architect ...
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