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IMAGE Blue Seal Equipment for Cheshire Restaurants
Mercury Commercial Catering Equipment Suppliers and Engineers team are main agents for catering equipment Chester region. They supply the industry leading brand Blue Seal.If you are starting your own restaurant, opening the next branch in your chain or work in any commercial food preparation business you will require the best and most reliable equipment on hand.Working in professional restaur...
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IMAGE The Different Types of Glazing
Double glazing North Wales is very popular as a home improvement, however there are different types of glass - no one particular type of glazing is suitable for every single application. That is why there are so many different types of glazing available on the market. 

Toughened Glass
Toughened glass is much stronger and has a higher compressive stress than annealed glas...
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IMAGE Wills and Power of Attorney Enquiries Spike Due To Coronavirus
As we all know Coronavirus has taken its toll all around the world, and it is still unpredictable who can be affected by it. All of us are worried about the future which goes without saying, and lots of us are now trying to put our affairs in order in fear of the worst. This has meant that solicitors chester have taken a spike in enquiries and requests for wills and power of attorney documents to ...
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IMAGE How Can Interior Design Affect Your Mood?
The areas or places we inhabit on a regular basis, this could be our homes or places of work - can have a very strong effect on our mood, feelings, thoughts and even on our behaviour. This is a concept that is well documented by psychologists and architects alike - certain architectural designs seem to bring out alertness and can help to maintain higher thought. Studies have shown that large rooms...
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