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IMAGE Human Centric LED Lighting is a Step Forward for Human Happiness
Research has just come in from the well-respected sustainable built environment business newspaper The Fifth Estate, which indicates that LED Lighting solutions such as LED Rope Lighting and LED Strip Lighting stand to make a positive impact on human productivity, wellbeing, and also the environment.
LED Lighting and the benefit to the environment it creates has been covered quite extensive...
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IMAGE Stoves: Touching Upon Building Regulations
Owning a wood burning stove is a dream for many homeowners, it comes with a range of benefits and brings a cosy ambiance to any room. However, it is important to understand the Building Regulations that apply to the installation of a new stove, chimney or flue. The regulations ensure that all installations are completed safely and that all materials are handled appropriately. Here is a brief guide...
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IMAGE Reasons to Support Local Business
Whether you're going out for lunch, fitting a tyre or buying oak flooring Chester can benefit from your business.
We always say and hear - 'support local business', as the ethical alternative to going to big mega super stores to get slightly cheaper deals, however why or why should we do this? Well here, we've put together a list of important reasons in why you should support locally based ...
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