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Chester Cathedral
Chester Cathedral - or to give it it's full title The Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary at Chester - is one of the most misunderstood cathedrals in England. Due to it's grand structure, you think that the building has stood the test of time, but alas it isn't true. Nevertheless, the fabulous building and the grounds of the Cathedral have been part of chester for over 1100 years.

The first known church was established in 907 after the remains of St Werburgh - a nun based in Staffordshire - was transferred from her home to a Saxon church in Chester, where the cathedral is today. This was done to protect the remains from Danes, who had invaded Saxon England in that time.

This church lasted only 100 years, until the first Norman Earl of Chester founded a monestary on the remains of the Saxon Church. It is believed it the Norman Earl of Chester did this to attone for his previous hedonistic lifestyle. This church was populated by monks from Normandy and in 1092, the Benedictine Abbey of St Werburgh came was finished.

This monestary was again changed in 1250. The monks - who were noted for their acceptance to change - grew fond of the lighter, brighter, gothic colours avaliable to them. As such, they built what we now see as Chester Cathedral over the current monestary. They then demolished the previous monestary from within, and this whole process took nearly 250 years.

It was still the Monsetary of St Werburgh, but only for 40 years, as In 1540, Henry VIII dissolved the monestaries. Many were ruined, but Henry had a fondness for the building, so, in 1541, the Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary came into being as the seat of the Bishop of the newly-created Diocese of Chester (formerly part of Lichfield).

The Cathedral's Mission
The Cathedral's mission reflects that of what it has always been - be open to all and be receptive of change.

Opening Times
Monday - Saturday 09.00 - 17.00
Sunday 12.30 - 16.00

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