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How To Find An Architect Chester

It is important when looking for an architect Chester that you find someone who is well respected and that they will see your project right through to the end. Choosing the wrong one can mean a lot of time wasted and it can be very expensive. However, finding the right architect for you will mean you will save money in the long term.

Where To Look

The best way to find an architect is by doing your research. You can start your search by asking others who have had work done if they have an architect they recommend. Let’s face it, recommendations from someone you trust goes a lot further than reading online reviews.

You can also use online databases and look at the Architects Registration Board. Every architect practicing in the UK must be registered onto this so it’s a good place to start to find a legit architect.

How To Shortlist

When you are looking for an architect Chester their job roles can vary and it can be very misleading if you don’t know what they mean. If you are looking for an architect for a larger project you’d usually want a registered architect, however if you are looking to renovate your home which is much smaller, these will be typically handled by Architects, Architectural Technicians or Surveyors, but there are not rules or guidelines in that respect.

What you should consider when shortlisting:

Are they registered with the Architects Registration Board?

All architects must, by law, so the likelihood of an unregistered architect being a cowboy is very high. By being registered you have to adhere to a basic standard of work and this will also mean that they will have the relevant insurance in case anything goes wrong in the process.

Are they chartered?

Having a chartered architect is a matter of preference but if they are, that would mean that they have a much higher standard of work as they are bound by a strict professional code of conduct which means they have to act honourably, independently and efficiently.

What type of architect are they?

You may need someone that requires a little more creativity to bring your space to life or you may have an exact idea in your head that you need executing with perfection.

What level of service do you need?

You will need to figure out exactly what you will need from your architect, this can range from, creative designs to fit in with your budget, planning permission, full detailed architectural plans or someone to oversee the whole project until completion.

Do you need planning permission?

It is a good idea if you are likely to run into problems with permission or building control, that you shortlist architects who are familiar with the local planning policies and have a proven track record of successful applications.

Do you have budget?

Find an architect who is good at managing costs and doesn’t keep trying to push you for more money or expensive extras.


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