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Extra Special Hotels in Llandudno

What do you expect from your stay in a top-end hotel in Llandudno? We’re old hands at this hotel malarkey, so we would expect friendly, courteous and non-intrusive service, an excellent suite, and of course all of our requests handled in an efficient and proper manner. The St Tudno Hotel in Llandudno is one of the most sought after hotels in Llandudno because of all of this, and so much more.


From the second you set foot outside your front door, the hotel takes care of you. With a super-special concierge service, the St Tudno Hotel will take all of the stress and all of the strain out of your getaway by having you collected at your front door, in their very own Jaguar.

This of course is excellent for those of us with mobility issues especially, but it’s not just limited toward those of us that find it quite difficult to get out and about. The act of travelling in itself is rather arduous – the destination makes it all worth it of course, but there is a certain luxury in being driven somewhere, especially in a Jaguar which just so happened to be full of treats and goodies so you can get your holiday started before you even arrive at the hotel.

There are no loud and obnoxious trains to contend with, nor driving unfamiliar roads as well as the vague feeling of frazzlement at being so far out of your comfort zone – you can sit back and admire the beautiful, sweeping scenery of North Wales with a glass of wine as you make your way to the hotel in the Jag.

That’s not where the experience ends, of course. The St Tudno Hotel in Llandudno stands head and shoulders above the rest for the fact that little details such as the concierge service is not a one-off.

Should you request, the hotel would be delighted to show you a choice of five hand-picked destinations throughout North Wales which are certainly worth a visit. Again, you won’t have to endure the (admittedly, quite rustic) public travel services of North Wales, nor will you have to wonder where you can hire a car. Their escorted Day Trips are once again in the Jaguar, once again laid back, and once again, tailored for you in mind.

Why not give the St Tudno Hotel in Llandudno a call? We’re sure that they’d love to hear how they can make your next holiday the best one yet.

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