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Reasons to Support Local Business

Whether you're going out for lunch, fitting a tyre or buying oak flooring Chester can benefit from your business.

We always say and hear - 'support local business', as the ethical alternative to going to big mega super stores to get slightly cheaper deals, however why or why should we do this?

Well here, we've put together a list of important reasons in why you should support locally based businesses. When you purchase a local product, like, say for example oak flooring Chester there are a myriad of advantages over going for a big chain supplier.

Local character and prosperity

In an increasingly syndicated, hegemonized and standardised world, communities that preserve their economic outstanding and distinctive character have an economic advantage and increased appeal than the outside parties.

Community Well-Being

Locally owned businesses continue to build strong communities by sustaining a vibrant town centre. Linking local businesses in a vibrant chain of social and economic ties, this all contributes towards local interests and causes.

Local decision making

Local ownership ensures that there is more power within the local community, by and which means that people who are based in that community have more say in important decisions.

Keep money in the local economy

In stark contrast to those big chain stores, locally owned businesses recycle a larger share of the revenue back into the local economy. So when you buy your oak doors Chester, you’re ensuring the town stays prosperous.

Jobs and wages

Locally owned businesses make more jobs on a local basis and in many of these sectors, provide better wages and benefits than chain stores do.


Entrepreneurship is the fuel which encourages people to begin to earn more money.

Environmental sustainability

Local stores allow for a sustainable compact and interesting town centre which means that there’s less sprawl, less vehicle use to get around, less habitat loss, as well as less air and water pollution. When you get the cheapest product you can find, there's no guarantee that like oak doors Chester, you’re doing the best thing for the planet.


A marketplace with more competition means that there’s going to be more innovation and low prices over the long term.

Diversity of product

A range of small businesses means that when they select products it's going to be specialised for specific needs of the area, rather than on a large national basis. This means that local businesses are more likely to have what you need.

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