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Why Move When You Can Upgrade?

For many of us, changing family structure can have major impact on whether or not a home is suitable. What might seem the perfect home only a few years later can become a source of frustration and annoyance when your family inevitably grows. On the other hand, a home can feel empty and seemingly full of rooms with no purpose and no real structure when a family shrinks. Moving might seem the only option in cases like these, but it’s really not the only way. The services of a good architect in Cheshire can make even the most ill-fitting home perfect for living freely and comfortably.


Home extensions can allow for some much needed space when it seems that the walls are closing in on you. Sympathetic design can even change existing layouts without the need to build into the outdoor area and cut down on precious outside space. Furthermore, a good architect in Chester can even raise the roof so to speak – utilising the space above you in order to create exactly what you need for comfortable living, and not feeling piled on top of your family. (or having them piled on top of you!)

On the other hand, downsizing doesn’t need to involve moving home. You’ll likely save money when it comes to employing the services of an architect in Cheshire, and rooms which are unused can become all manner of amazing things. Have you considered having an en suite? A walk in wardrobe? Or what about something bespoke and built exactly for you and your needs?

Perhaps the utilisation of dead space can allow you to have all of these things, at a fraction of the cost it would take to move. For instance, once you’ve considered land registry fees, deed fees, land search fees, estate agent fees – you’ll likely have far surpassed the cost of an architect just in taxation, VAT, and estate agents and solicitors.

Moving home isn’t always the answer to everything. There are a number of excellent and reputable architects in Cheshire that can allow you to make your house your dream home with very little work required on your part – allowing you to have the environment you’ve always wanted at a fraction of the cost of moving.


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