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Restaurant Interior Design & Customer Experience

It finally feels as though we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, restaurants, bars and cafes are looking to open up again to customers this month with the easing of lockdown restrictions. Lots of these establishments have had to make dramatic and sometimes even drastic changes in order to meet government guidelines - however, just how does interior design Cheshire affect the customer experience?

Hospitality venues all compete with each other through the use of location, special promotions, and pricing - but few can claim the win with their interior design choices. Too many businesses in this industry think that all they need to do to succeed is to have good food, and wonderful customer service… sadly this isn’t enough in our digital age. Good interior design is required as a necessity! 

The Importance of Social Media

We live in an age which is dominated by smart-phones and easy internet access - it simply isn’t enough to put down a plate of beautiful food, the overall aesthetics of the decor should also be truly beautiful. If your restaurant is “instagrammable” then you’ve just gotten a hugely beneficial silent salesman. If your customers are sharing and tagging your business in their aesthetically pleasing photos it will then entice their followers to have a look at your business! Beautifully designed buildings and spaces sell themselves, this is a wonderful free social media marketing opportunity for you to capitalise on. 

Customer Psychology

Your decor is a major factor in how your customer is perceiving your brand. It hints at the level of service that they should expect to receive, and whether they will be coming back again. It could prompt your customers to order more, could increase the length of their stay and could even increase the amount that they are prepared to spend. Your restaurant interior design needs to be cohesive and well thought out as it plays a significant role in your overall brand image. 

Unique Selling Point (USP)

In the competitive hospitality industry, many restaurants, bars and cafes are on a pretty even playing field and it has become much harder to stand out and be unique. This is where your interior design can give you an edge - it can become your USP. Choose to focus on the diners experience,make it different and special. Provide your customers with an alternative and unique experience like no other, and you will draw in your customers attention. 

Ambience is Everything

Create a soothing, relaxing and inviting environment that your customers simply won’t want to leave. Dimming the lighting stimulates feelings of relaxation and comfortableness which will in turn encourage your customers to stay longer and order more!

Layout is also an important consideration to make; you need to ensure the right number of covers to freedom of staff to move ratio. You need a layout which enables staff to move around with food and beverages freely, and your customers need to have enough room to feel relaxed and not boxed in. 

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