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Family Law in Chester

Those living in and around Chester you will be pleased to know that Swayne Johnson Solicitors has an office in Chester as well as offices throughout North Wales. This will help to provide local people with more options when accessing legal assistance with sensitive family legal cases.

Solicitors Chester & North Wales are specialists in a wide range of legal matters covering everything from conveyancing to tax planning and business structures and partnerships. They have a number of lawyers who are experts in matters of family law.

Family law covers divorce, issues of children following divorce, personal financial issues, civil partnerships, conversion of civil partnerships to marriage, legal issues surrounding unmarried couples, domestic abuse, collaborative law and prenuptials.  

As you may expect, divorce is one of the main reasons people consult solicitors on family law matters as it has such far reaching effects on people’s lives both emotionally, financially and regarding children.

There are many different ways to approach divorce and three of the most commons ways are:

Mediation – A neutral mediator helps both parties come to an agreement on all aspects concerning the divorce. The mediator is not always a lawyer but always fully versed in all aspects of family law. Both individuals must be in full agreement before any documents are signed and a mediator must be neutral. This course of action is beneficial as it avoids costly fights in court. Agreement is reached more easily and helps both parties stay in control of the divorce rather than relying on court decisions. It is a more discreet and private option.

Mediation does not always work if the couple cannot agree and because all financial issues discussed are voluntary, there could be unknown assets of either party that would have affected any agreements.

Collaborative Law – Each party hires an attorney to help them negotiate a divorce settlement away from the courts. This is quicker and less expensive than an in court battle but if a settlement cannot be reached, the divorce process must be started again with new attorneys.

Litigated Divorce – This is the most common route for divorce. This involves carrying out a lawsuit but does not always result in an in court battle. This is the most common type of divorce as usually both parties do not agree to the divorce.

If you are facing the prospect of divorce or any other legal matters, please contact Swayne Johnson for family law Chester.   

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