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Wills and Power of Attorney Enquiries Spike Due To Coronavirus

As we all know Coronavirus has taken its toll all around the world, and it is still unpredictable who can be affected by it. All of us are worried about the future which goes without saying, and lots of us are now trying to put our affairs in order in fear of the worst. This has meant that solicitors chester have taken a spike in enquiries and requests for wills and power of attorney documents to be written up.

Overall, there has been around a 30% increase on usual daily requests as coronavirus continues to be unpredictable. Primarily the requests have been from more elderly customers and those more vulnerable, or those having ongoing hospital treatment. These groups have been advised to stay at home for an isolation period of 12 weeks, as they are thought to be more prone to getting the disease.

Whilst a lot of solicitors have been also been affected by the lockdown and having to close they have however, found other means of communicating with their customers and fulfilling these needs. Documents have been written online for clients and video and phone calls are considered a necessity. 

During this time of uncertainty technology has come to the forefront and for most been a saving grace to many. However, there has been some speculation as to how you will be able to sign your newly written will whilst practicing social distancing. 

Docu-sign has been used more and more over the years and if you’ve applied for a bank loan online you will be familiar with it. Solicitors may be forced to use this as a way of signing your will, but some are still open by appointment so that social distancing can be maintained.

It is thought that late on down the line there could be disputes in wills as more people are preparing theirs in haste in case they do catch the deadly disease.

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