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Oil and Gas Expert Witness with Global Experience

Oil and Gas Expert witness is a field of which most think is limited to litigation. That really isn’t the case at all – Oil and Gas Expert witness is indeed useful for many things, including accounting and taxation.

While of course there is a very large part of oil and gas expert witness services which are housed in matters of litigation, but that really isn’t all that there is to this essential service for oil and gas companies. It is expected of oil and gas companies, as well as energy companies in general to deal with expert witness companies due to the highly complex nature of which their industries belong.

Put simply, everyman knowledge simply doesn’t allow for understanding in these complex fields, and the services of an oil and gas expert witness is absolutely imperative in order to make the world understand the issues underneath the complexity.

The services of an oil and gas expert witness doesn’t change depending on what exactly they are brought into a situation for, but there are very many areas upon which suitable for focus. Take ERC Equipoise for instance. This oil and gas reservoir evaluation firm has a number of notable staff which have frequently been called upon oil and gas expert witness services for both governments and companies on an international scale in America, Asia, and Europe.  

When you’re looking for an oil and gas expert witness, you will want to engage a company which is both reputable, and has the relevant experience. ERC Equipoise in particular are the UK’s leading employee owned oil and gas reservoir evaluation company, and to this date have given testimony on a multitude of cases.

The list is indeed not exhaustive, but ERC Equipoise have consulted on Ad Valorem Tax, Bankruptcy, Contract Disputes, Natural Resource Taxation, Easement, Production Sharing Agreements, as well as Royalty interests in relation to the oil and gas industry, shareholder and class action lawsuits, and more.

Whichever side of the fence you stand upon, it pays to ensure that having expertise in geology, geophysics, fair market appraisal, economics and engineering. ERCE can deliver all of this, with the company’s spectacular international reputation to boot.  

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