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Human Centric LED Lighting is a Step Forward for Human Happiness

Research has just come in from the well-respected sustainable built environment business newspaper The Fifth Estate, which indicates that LED Lighting solutions such as LED Rope Lighting and LED Strip Lighting stand to make a positive impact on human productivity, wellbeing, and also the environment.

LED Lighting and the benefit to the environment it creates has been covered quite extensively in recent days, with the takeaway being that carbon emissions from LED Lighting are dramatically reduced when compared to traditional forms of lighting such as CFL and incandescent bulbs.

Lighting itself has been identified as the largest human contribution to climate change, and directly responsible for decreased viability of the ice caps in Antarctica. As the ice caps melt, global tidal levels are projected to rise, which will mean that tomorrow’s generation will face a world of problems- the most dramatic of which being reduced habitat due to the rising tides.

It has been recently discovered that LED Lighting may contain another benefit for the generation today. LED Lighting has been proven to have a beneficial effect on human wellbeing and productivity, from trials conducted within the workplace. In France, studies were done on office workers using CFL light bulbs and with LED Lighting, and the research showed that those with LED Lighting received enough “light nutrition” to experience far better sleep than their CFL counterparts, as well as less depression symptoms.

The applications aren’t just limited to office spaces, either. The same experiment was repeated in a school in France, and the results showed that reading speeds were increased by 35% and errors in reading decreased by 45% in LED Lighting environments. This research has shown that LED Lighting directly benefits three key areas of a human being’s life  visual, emotional, and also biological.

You might roll your eyes at the thought of a lighting system being able to control these key things about human beings, but in the year 2000, photoreceptors were discovered in the human eye, which is a large part of the regulation of a human being’s sleep and wake cycles. The importance of the circadian rhythm was discovered – and such helps to influence physical and emotional wellbeing.

It’s never been more important to pay attention to lighting. It is estimated that most humans spend more than 80% of their day indoors, which can interfere with them getting the appropriate sunlight they need. Artificial sources of light (barring LED Lighting) simply don’t have the wavelength to mimic sunlight, which can lead to disorders such as SADs.

It’s never been more apparent that the switch to LED Lighting is win-win for your finances, the environment, and also mental and physical states.

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