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Modern Architecture In Manchester

The vast range of architects Cheshire and Wales are home to, and particularly in major cities like Manchester are fascinating for anybody to look into and explore further.

As we progress further into the 21st century, considerably more modern developments are being constructed amongst the old cotton factories and industrial buildings all over Manchester.

The mid-19th century saw Manchester architecture being symbolised by industry, with over 100 cotton mills and warehouses dominating the area, a lot of which still stand today having been converted for more modern uses such as restaurants, offices and hotels.

Architects such as Ian Simpson and Roger Stephenson brought the city into a new era with safe, vibrant and modern buildings, so we’ll take you through a short list of the most well-known modern constructions and their architects situated in the Manchester area.

#1 - The Beetham Tower
Constructed in 2006 at 157 metres tall, consisting of 50 floors, this was the tallest residential structure in Europe for a short period of time, but still remains the tallest building in the United Kingdom outside of London. The building and its architect, Ian Simpson, have won numerous design and architecture awards making it a fine example of for modern construction.

#2 – Urbis
Also designed by Ian Simpson in 2002, visitors flock to the Urbis not only for the museum inside, but for the unique shape and structure of the building. At just 35 metres high and having just 6 floors, the sloped roof and glass design has made this building an icon for modern Manchester architecture.

#3 – One Angel Square
In the heart of Central Manchester, this is truly a landmark of architectural design. 3DReid designed it to be one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in the world with an incredibly low carbon footprint. At 72.5 metres tall, housing 17 floors and 3000 staff, One Angel Square is a centrepiece as architecture in Manchester continues to excel.

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