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Create the Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

This time of year introduces us to many occasions: it’s the wedding season, students are receiving their grades from schools and colleges, but you also have graduation ceremonies. That’s not it though, as you also have the continuous achievements all year round for mums-to-be, new jobs, driving tests and much more!

Receiving a memorable gift that you can cherish for a lifetime is one that means the most, and Be My Bear’s range of teddy bears, bear clothing and recordable sound box modules are the perfect way to achieve this. Simply take the sound recorder, record your chosen message of up to 10 seconds long and pop it inside the bear ready to wrap up.

If ten seconds does not provide enough time, perhaps you want a group of you to record something together, then upgrade to the Red Heart Sound Recorder which allows you to record for up to 20 seconds! Do not worry if your first recording doesn’t go as well as you hoped, or you simply change your mind on the message you want to say, as you can record over your existing message until you are happy.

Once everything is how you want it, wrap it up and present your special gift to your loved one and wait to see the smile on their face grow as they open up a memorable present. The sound recorders do not need to be used for words alone however, as Be My Bear have a dedicated product range for Mums-to-be.

There’s a fantastic selection of bears to choose from and bear clothing, but you can offer much more than that with this range. Here’s how it works: At the 20 week mark of your pregnancy, take you recording modules along to your scan and record your baby’s heartbeat directly from the monitor.

At 30 weeks, place the recording into your chosen bear and add it to your shower of gifts ready for your big day. Once your due date arrives, you can welcome your new-born baby into the world with a unique gift you’ll both cherish forever.

Right now you can enjoy a great offer from Be My Bear with free delivery on all orders over £100! This offer will end on 31st August 2015 and applies to mainland UK only, so get your orders in fast!


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