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Feeling the effects of the 40-hour working week on your body? Perhaps you are aching all over and it’s beginning to bring you down? Rather than battling on and hoping that things change, it could be a good idea for you take some action with some relaxation.

Whether you’re trying out the Bowen Technique in Chester or China, the basic idea remains the same and that is to provide a holistic experience to those who may need it most. If you’re reading this and find yourself slumped in an office chair and struggling to deal with the day, it could be a great solution for you.

Since being developed in 1916 by Australia’s Town Bowen, the technique has gone on to become one of the most popular in the therapy field. Professional athletes and businesspeople will often seek it out as a way of relieving the exertions of the day.

It all takes place on a therapy couch where the therapist will see to you with a hands-on approach to deliver a much needed balance to your up and down lifestyle. By precisely massaging important points of the body, there’s no need to be invasive and forceful as some other techniques can be. Gentle moves all across your body relieve stress, aches and pains.

The Bowen Technique has become synonymous with offering help to those suffering with digestive disorders, foot problems, headaches, lower back pain, migraines, neck pains, RSI, respiratory problems and many more issues. Some of these can be caused by stress and also physical damage – the Bowen Technique helps to ease both.

It’s recommended to take about three sessions before you feel the full effects of the technique and at 45 minutes each, they could become some much needed catharsis in your hectic schedule. If you’re in the Northern England area and want to find the specialists for you, Mindful Calm based in Cheshire could be the perfect option for you.

Contact them on 01606 881954 or email: for all the information you need on leading a more relaxed lifestyle.


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