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5 Amazing things to do in Chester!

Chester is an ancient Roman town with incredibly rich history, but that doesn’t mean all the fun died out in the Roman era! Chester is a cultural hub and a fantastic city with plenty of modern attractions and activities which is only enhanced by the historical setting. Just for you, we decided to make a list of 5 choice activities that you should definitely check out! If you are blown away by the charm and vibrancy of Chester and are subsequentially looking to buy, rent or even if you are planning to sell a property in Chester then Cavendish Residential will be able to help you. Not only are these top estate agents in chester but they also provide up to date property news and general Chester city news on their website in addition to information about all the best upcoming events and helpful information about local amenities.

 1. Chester Zoo

The UK's #1 UK charity zoo is home to over 11,000 animals of all shapes and sizes, a safe-haven for some critically endangered animals, along with some more familiar critters. From Big cats to rare insects, you're sure to find a creature to fascinate and amaze you! There are over 400 different species to behold. The zoo is set to open 'islands' a new zoo installation which takes you on an odyssey to explore six South East Asian habitats, coming 2015!

 2. Chester Race Course

Next on the list is Chester's famous racecourse, bringing spectators far and wide for a day at the races! The course is varying degrees of business, but can be suitable for families and couples alike, a friendly atmosphere and perfect for a racing enthusiast. The desks are ready to take bets, bars ready to serve drinks and horses ready to run!

 3. The Boardroom Climbing Ltd.

If you're into the adrenaline fuelled sport of Rock Climbing, but not the weather of the temperamental Welsh outdoors, then an indoor climbing centre can be a godsend when you feel the need to hit the rocks. Perfect for, practising pros, beginners and those who are after a workout. If you are new to the sport, they'll see you right here, help you get started and pretty soon you'll be a great climber.

 4. Chester Roman Gardens

Remember the 'Roman' thing I mentioned before? A collection of Chester's Roman stonework and features are honorarily presented in this magnificent garden, if you're in Chester for a day this garden is the perfect place for a stroll and a gander, take in some history and some garner some appreciation for this ancient town. Other roman points of interests include the Chester Walls which provide some unique vistas of the settlement and provide a new perspective, and the statue of the Goddess Minerva , where you can still see her outline.

 5. JF Polo Academy

Now you may have thought that Polo is something that you would never get round to trying. Well JF Polo Academy are the perfect place to make some headway. They can cater for all levels of riding or player, even if you have no riding experience you can have a taste at one of the most glamorous, exhilarating and skilful sports in the world. So if you want to know how the man on the Ralph Lauren shirt feels, then give JF academy a try.


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