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Exciting Multi Million Pound Projects to Develop Chester

Estate agents Cheshire have been delighted with the many exciting new housing developments within the Cheshire region.

There is a high demand for more housing in Cheshire and Chester city. Chester city Council and Cheshire West have responded appropriately to this need with a number of ambitious housing development projects in the area. They plan to create 22,000 new homes in West Cheshire over the next 20 years! This even includes several projects to provide much needed affordable housing to be compatible with the governments’ new ‘Help to Buy’ schemes and 20 affordable homes have recently been approved for construction just north of Chester city.

As many estate agents Cheshire know Chester city and the county of Cheshire have long been highly sought after areas with their perfect balance of rolling English countryside and vibrant culture.

Chester city is a top tourist destination for its fine dining and nightlife, its excellent shopping facilities, its architectural beauty and its history. It was Roman base and this history is remembered with the preservation of amazing sites such as the Roman amphitheatre. The centre is a great area for shoppers with its many great retail outlets from well known brands and boutique shops. It has a unique layout with the Chester Rows, famous for their long history. They consist of wooden, arched walkways providing a second floor of shops and cafes above ground level. Many of the building in Chester retain the aesthetic influence of the Tudor era giving Chester a distinct appearance. Some of the old stone structures from medieval Chester are still present such as the Tea Press cafe which is set in an old medieval crypt with the original stone. And the cathedral, though reconstructed in places due to fire, retains much of its original stone from the medieval period. Chester has many exciting attractions related to its rich history.

Although Chester has long been a tourist destination many projects are taking place to infuse more culture and business into the city, including the highly impressive 300 million pound Northgate development. This will create more enjoyable facilities and culture in the Northgate area of Chester. It will include an eight screen cinema, a library complex, a market, a leisure square and a brand new arts theatre, which alone will cost 37 million pounds, more retail and parking space.

A 30 million pound project is underway at Chester Zoo which is one of the top zoos and top attractions in the region. This project will create a new exotic island feature which could open to the public as early as 2015! The island will be based on the animal life and foliage of South East Asia which visitors can access by bridges and by boat.

Other incredible Chester projects include Chester’s ground breaking new science park for the University. It will have 1,100,000 sq foot of space to develop and 48 new buildings.

A new business quarter is planned for Chester worth 115 million pounds it could create up to 3500 jobs in the area.

Chester’s multi million pound canal side development is also now underway to create a large Waitrose supermarket with restaurant, car park, bars and cafes too.

It is clear the reason for Chester’s great success is not only its culture and beauty but the continued work that goes into making it better all the time. More and more Chester is becoming a centre in the North for shopping, culture and business. It is not just the local council projects that are making an effort as many large retailers with shops in the area such as Boots and M&S and local powers such as the landlord Grosvenor are appealing for BID status. This means a Business Improvement District where local businesses contribute to a funding pot to put on projects to attract yet more footfall in the centre of Chester.

It is very positive news for Chester, its residents and estate agents Cheshire to see these ambitious developments.

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